Corner sample of moulding 826VERDE
Corner sample of moulding 826VERDE
Corner sample of moulding 826VERDE
Corner sample of moulding 826VERDE

  • Code: C826VERDE
  • Corner sample of moulding 826VERDE

  • Net Weight per meter: grams 217 -  Gross Weight per meter: grams 271
  • Price: 2,4
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  • It is possible to order corner samples even without ordering the moulding. In this way, it is possible to display samples immediately and to evaluate your customers' liking. Mouldings can be ordered later on, once you are sure your clients are really requesting such article.

    The side of the samples is 15 cm long.
    Each corner sample comes with a back label indicating the moulding code and the bar code. The bar code is very useful for framer using a computer program for it allow immediate reading and automatic insertion of moulding datas.

    When ordering corner samples please write the letter "C" followed by the moulding code.
    For example, the sample of moulding 931ORO is C931ORO.
    The price is equal to 30 cm of moulding.

    It is possible (and more convenient) to order complete sets of mouldings. The following sets are available:
    - Set of bare wood mouldings (100 samples roughly) - code C24
    - Set of liners (40 samples roughly) - code C23
    - Set of aluminum mouldings (8 samples roughly) - code C21
    - Set of L shaped mouldings (30 samples roughly) - code C32
    - Set of all mouldings except the above samples (1100 samples roughly) - code C600
    - Set of all mouldings (1280 samples roughly) - code C99
    - Set of new mouldings added during 2019 (320 samples roughly) - code C600N