Second-hand equipment and close-out materials

For further information contact: Silvia Rinaldin (tel.0039.045.991922 - mail: silvia.rinaldin@rinaldin.it)
Freight and VAT (if applicable) are not included in the prices

Code: AST4 Product description: Harlequin box: 80 mtrs of assorted mouldings Price: € 80 Net weight: Kg 31 - Gross weight: Kg 32,9

Assorted mouldings for a total length of approximately 80 meters.
The length of each moulding can vary from 2 meters to 3 meters.
It is an article suitable for those who make frames as a hobby.
Also useful for schools, nurseries, charities.

Code: AX20 Product description: Assorted mouldings in small pieces - total of 50 mtrs Price: € 25 Net weight: Kg 18 - Gross weight: Kg 19,1

Scraps of assorted mouldings for a total of approximately 50 metres.
It is an article suitable for hobby framers or for amateur painters who want to make frames by themselves. Suitable also for schools, kindergartens, charities.

Code: SS2 Product description: Pack of 20 close out prints Price: € 15 Net weight: Kg 1,8 - Gross weight: Kg 2,2

Pack of 20 prints or posters for sale.
Suitable for those who want to buy prints with various subjects and in various formats at stock price.
Also suitable for those who need to decorate a room (schools, kindergartens, charities) without spending too much.
Some prints may be slightly defective.