Via Meucci 40 - 37036 - San Martino Buon Albergo (Verona - Italy)
Telephone 045991622  -  Fax 045990960  -  E-mail  [email protected]

If you call from abroad Italy you have to prefix the dialling code: 0039 and then 045991622.
If it does not work leave out the first zero: 45991622 instead of 045991622.


How to call free... or almost free
From computer to computer: if you have installed Skype your computer telephone calls are free.
From computer to phone: with Skype the cost is about € 0,017 (US$ 0,022) per minute and you must subscribe: € 10 (US$ 13) are enough for many months. If you want to call us with Skype just click here
The installation of Skype is free. For information click here
You can directly contact the person in charge of the departements E-mail address  
English-speaking customers: Silvia Pattanaro [email protected]  
French-speaking customers: Silvia Pattanaro [email protected]  
German-speaking customers: Anna Manduca [email protected]  
Spanish-speaking customers: Anna Manduca [email protected]  
Serbo-Croatian-speaking customers: Diana Kucic [email protected]  
Russian-speaking customers: Alexandr Ochinciuc [email protected]  
Italian-speaking customers: Alessandra Rinaldin [email protected]  
Administration: Silvia Rinaldin [email protected]  
President: Giorgio Rinaldin [email protected]