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List of deleted mouldings

The page includes an updated list of discontinued mouldings.


Manuals of machines and part-diagrams

On this page you will find manuals and the lists of spare parts concerning almost all the machines and equipment supplied by Rinaldin.

Very useful for maintenance and repair of machines. Useful also for ordering spare parts.


Articles for shop management and framing techniques

The articles are interesting especially for beginners and concern important aspects of the framer job and certain framing techniques.


Form, brochures, signs to be displayed in store

On the page you will find several signs and brochures to be displayed in the store ready for black/white or color printing.

You will find also some useful form (like the order form).

It is the typography of the framer.


Framing Trade Fairs

List of upcoming framing trade fairs with the most important information (place, date, features, web address of the fair site, etc.)


Magazines about framing

The page contains a list of magazines about framing that are currently published.


Associations of framers

The page includes a list of the main associations of framers.


Framers Forum

The list of the most popular forum among the framers.

The forum are used by the framers to exchange each other information, opinions, comments, gossip, criticism, and also to enter and read selling and purchase ads.


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