Aluminum moulding, backload, gold
Aluminum moulding, backload, gold
Aluminum moulding, backload, gold
Aluminum moulding, backload, gold

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  • Code: 6320
  • Aluminum moulding, backload, gold
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  • To order with the Chop Service (moulding cut to size at 45°) click here Explanation of Chop Service

  • You can order a sample without ordering the moulding. Just click the cart.   Explanations for the samples

  •    Corner sample (€ 0,84)
  •    Straight sample 7 cm long (€ 0,28)
  •    Complete set of 4 corner samples of model 6320 (€ 2,80)
  •    Complete set of 4 straight samples of model 6320 (€ 0,84)

  • Timber: Aluminum     More info for timber
  • Net Weight per meter: grams 130  -  Gross Weight per meter: grams 143Explanations for weight and volume

  • Anodized aluminum rmoulding of the "Back Loaded" type, that is mouldings for which the framework (ie the sadwich formed by picture, glass, cardboard) must be inserted into the frame before applying the last side of the frame.
    Special cutting blades are needed for cutting. Failing this, you can order themouldings with the Chop Service (already cut at 45 ° according to the sizes of the customer).
    For the assembly, the M41 corner brackets are needed to be applied with a special assembler (like our MBL). Assembly can also be carried out by Rinaldin with the Chop Service. M31 springs are needed to fix the picture to the frame.