Supplies ready mitred mouldings (cut at 45°) to customer specified size

What is Chop Service and how much does it cost

Quantity Discounts

for frames of the same code and size

5frame discount 12%
10frame discount 18%
20frame discount 22%
50frame discount 26%
100frame discount 28%

You have choose the moulding 586G. Width of moulding mm 50.Price per meter € 3,70

If you wish, you can add a few millimetres to let the glass pass through    Explanations

You may also order the assembling of the pieces, glass and cardboard. Just tick the square box next to the description.
Cut 4 pieces of the frame Explanations
Frame Joining Explanations
Normal glass thickness mm 1,8 € 14 to mq
Normal plastic glass thickness mm 1,8 € 14 to mq
Grey cardboard thickness mm 3 € 5 to mq

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