PPFA Professional Picture Framers Association

Important american association of framers. Founded in 1971, the PPFA mission is to serve the art and the framers community. Its primary focus is the education of custom picture framers.

As a trade association, the PPFA aims to connect framers and art galleries with suppliers in a mutual support.
The PPFA has 18 U.S. Chapters and two international Chapters, in Canada and Australia/New Zealand.
Currently the association represents about 2000 member businesses from around the world. Members include independent frame shop owners and staff, distributors and manufacturers of picture frame mouldings, supplies and equipment.
The PPFA has two levels of certification: the Certified Picture Framer (CPF) and the Master Certified Picture Framer (MCPF).
The association has an annual convention each January in Las Vegas, Nevada. During the convention, the PPFA conducts an international framing competition.

In its activities over 40 years, the PPFA has set the quality standards for materials and techniques used in framing. Through teaching, certification, services, consultancy, research, tests, events, the PPFA assists its members to discover new business opportunities.

The PPFA organizes frequent events in various parts of the USA and attends the fairs of framing.

The site of the PPFA contains a forum for framers.

Web: www.ppfa.com - Email: [email protected]


Fine Art Trade Guild

This association of british framers was founded in 1910. It has about 610 british and 120 non-english members.

The Fine Art Trade Guild has set standards for materials used in framing and for framing metodologies in order to consider them acceptable.

The members of the association accept the ethics standards set by the Trade Guild.

The association frequently organizes events where members can participate, meet and exchange information that helps to increase their knowledge and to keep them abreast of trends and industry news.

The Trade Guild is also concerned about the legal problems of its members.

The association publishes the quarterly magazine in English Art+framing TODAY.

Web: www.fineart.co.uk - Email: [email protected]



ACIP Associazione Corniciai Italiani Professionisti

It is an association established recently among the italian framers. It aims to foster the exchange of ideas among the members and to push the cooperation among them.

The association's first meeting, organized by the president Massimiliano Cincinelli, took place in Brescia 25 October 2015.

Rinaldin encourages and bigly supports the ACIP activities.

Web: www.assocorniciai.it - Email: [email protected]