This is the forum for framers more organized and more widespread among the framers.

The forum is in English and is open to everybody. You can read the questions and answers. If you register, however, you can also enter the questions.

Web: www.theframersforum.com


The Picture Framers Grumble

It is an important and busy forum in English.

Web: www.thegrumble.com


Framer to Framer

This forum is included in the website of the PFM Picture Frame Magazine.

Web: www.pictureframingmagazine.net/library/forum 



Art and Framing Forum

This forum is included in Fine Art Trade Guild Association's website

To enter this forum you have to register.

Web: www.fineart.co.uk/Access/Restricted.aspx?ReturnUrl=/forum/


Forum des Encadreurs et de l'Encadrement

This french forum is part of the website www.encadreur.org

Web: www.encadreur.org/forum-encadreur


Forum of the italian association ACIP

It is the only italian forum for framers.

It began operations recently and therefore is not yet not widely known.

Web: www.assocorniciai.it/forums