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Across The Field Wallis

Poster: Wallis: Across The Field - cm 66x49
  • Poster Wallis Across The Field - cm 66x49

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Across The Field Wallis - Kent Wallis was born in Ogden, Utah in 1945. Having begun his career as a businessman, he
is now a traditional landscape painter of Utah forests and rivers. He has lived in Logan, Utah
since 1975.
Wallis earned an MBA from Utah State University in the mid-1960s. He joined a local tire
manufacturer and worked in its marketing department for six years. Although he is largely
self-taught, he received additional training from painting workshops and studied at the Art
Students League in New York .
In 1975 he became a full-time artist who paints colorful views of towns and landscapes. His
landscapes blend romantic realism with impressionism. He is known for his known for his
bold pigmentation and his thick application of paint. Wallis's influences range from
Rembrandt to Monet.
Wallis is a member of the Society of American Impressionists, the Plein Air Painters of
America, and the Northern California of Plein Air Painters.

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