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Sun Stride West

Poster: West: Sun Stride - cm 94x61
  • Poster West Sun Stride - cm 94x61

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P463 94 61 210 13,00

Sun Stride West - Doug West
Doug West has been capturing the magical skies and environment of the great Southwest for over 20 years.
His work has been exhibited nationally and internationally with well over 50 one man shows, along with an extensive list of publications and thousands of serious art patrons who have collected his work.
During his career he has taken the art of print making and serigraphy to exacting and masterful perfection while still retaining the ability to portray the simplicity of a perfect frozen moment in nature.
In recent years he has also begun to creatively challenge himself by expanding into plein aire oil painting as well as monotype printing.
He says that for him "art is a vehicle for personal growth and challenge- a way of life. Through my creative efforts I feel life has meaning by providing a constant process of renewal and rebirth."

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