I never bought anything from Rinaldin: what should I do to order ?

Purchases are made by filling out the online order. Instructions are provided on the website. A confirmation email/fax will be sent to you shortly after, which will include the price of the products and the delivery costs. For an easier purchase order, please fill out the form by clicking here.


Can I do a test order without sending it ?

In practice, it is a order quotation you can do yourself at any time, for any item and quantity.
To make a test order you must first look for the items that interest you and put them in your cart. At any time you can click on the cart icon to check the content and total amount of the order.
If you want to know the shipping cost you should also include your details with the address (if you are not already registered on the site). This will automatically calculate the cost of transport from Verona to your locality.
If you want, you can also print the test order without sending it.


Can you ship abroad ?

Of course. We can ship anywhere in the world.


Do you have representatives ?

No, since many years we have adopted a direct sale policy without intermediaries.


If I find that an article is not suitable for my needs I can do it ?

Often the customer thinks that an item is defective or not suitable for some use only for lack of familiarity with the article.
In these cases the best solution is to contact us and to expose the problem. In most cases, it is easy to solve the problem.
If we do not find the solution we can agree on the economic terms for possible return of the item.


By mistake I bought a wrong item. Can I give it back ?

The yield is only possible if the customer pays the return freight and if the packaging is original so that the item can be resold.
Rinaldin will credit the price less 30%.
If the item has been ordered by mistake it is not right that Rinaldin suffers the economic damage resulting from the yield.
In any case, authorization for return is required.


Is there a minimum order ?

The minimum order is 200€ (transport charges and VAT excluded). Orders which are below this amount are subject to a 6 € administration charge.
It is in the customer's interest, however, to avoid orders that are too small to avoid excessive transport costs.


Are prices fixed ?

Yes, the prices and quantity discounts are fixed.
In the case of a difference between published prices in the catalog and those published on this site, the valid prices are those published on this site.


Are there quantity discounts ?

Yes. For most items, quantity discounts are available. Discounts are clearly indicated, both in the printed catalog and on the site.
Quantity discounts are automatically applied even if not required.


Is a password needed in order to see the price of each item ?

No. After much hesitation and many consultations with our customers we came to the decision to publish the prices without asking for the password.
With this solution we intended to attach greater importance to the ease and promptness of consultation by users.


What is the price of packaging ?

We do not debit packaging charges, except for some special case. In that case we always contact our customer.


What are the payment methods ?

Normal payment methods are:
• Prepayment with bank transfer with 4% cash discount.
• Credit Card with 1% cash discount
• PayPal with cash 1% discount
For more details on payment systems click here.


Can I pay in currencies different from Euro ?

No. All payments from Italy or abroad must be made in Euro.


When can I expect my delivery ?

Orders are delivered to the carrier normally within 8 working hours of receipt of the order (or payment in case of prepayment).
However, it is necessary to add the shipping time. For Italy this time may vary from 1 to 3 days. For Europe about 3/4 working days.


Is it possible to have the guarantee that the goods will arrive within a given day ?

No, unfortunately this is not possible. We can only guarantee that the goods will be delivered to the carrier within a certain time.
The email that we attach to the invoice points out the expected date when you will receive the goods. The tracking number is also indicated to trace the location where your order is located at any moment.


Is it possible to receive the goods at a given time ? For example at 5 o'clock in the afternoon ?

Unfortunately this is not possible. What we can do is to point out in the delivery note (for the carrier) the information concerning the opening hours of the store and the weekly closing day.


My store is not visible from the street. What should I do ?

Carriers assume your premises are clerly marked on the road and are open during normal business hours.
If your address is not visible, you should provide Rinaldin with an alternate destination address (for example, the address of a nearby store).
If in doubt please contact us.


May I come and collect the goods at Rinaldin warehouse ?

Of course you can. Our warehouse in S.Martino Buon Albergo (10 km from the centre of Verona) is open 8.30-12.30 and 14-18 Monday to Friday.
If you collect the goods at our warehouse, you can directly check the articles and avoid shipping charges.
Easy parking and free coffee.
We have a smaller warehouse also near Udine (Tavagnacco, via Nazionale 42 on the way from Udine to Tricesimo /Tarvisio / Austria.


How is transport cost calculated ?

For transportation, Rinaldin charges a fixed amount plus a variable amount in proportion with the weight.
For what concerns Europe the transport fees are predetermined and so the orders that you input in internet include the freight.
The customer however can choose to use its own transporter and, in such a case, goods are sent ex-factory.


Carriage charge seems to be very expensive...

This is the first impression you get when you enter a tiny order on our site.
Indeed it is true. The charge for shipping is mainly a fixed cost that penalizes tiny orders.
In addition, for orders below the minimum, there is an additional charge.
You will see, however, that if the total order reaches the minimum order, transport cost drops sharply.
If you had a first unpleasant impression, we ask you to try again by entering a "normal" order (tests orders can be deleted without problems).


What packaging do you use ?

We use sufficiently robust packaging that guarantee a good protection in transit.
For ecological reasons we often use recycled boxes.


What if my goods are damaged ?

On the delivery note write down "Accepted with reservation" and also write a detailed description of the damage.
The carrier does not reimburse the damage if the description of the damage is too generic.
The goods travel under the responsibility of the carrier and therefore the damage must be reimbursed by the carrier.
If you contact us immediately and send by fax or mail a copy of the delivery note, we can help you in asking the carrier for damages.
It would be very useful to mail us some photos of the damaged cartons and damaged items. It is not advisable to reject the goods, unless the damage is relevant.


Is there a minimum order for mouldings ?

For the mouldings the minimum is:
12 meters per moulding whose price is lower than 5 euro.
6 meters per mouldings whose price is lower than 10 euro.
3 meters per mouldings whose price is bigger than 10 euro.
However, it is also possible to order a lower amount of the minimum with a 20% price increase.
On the site the minimum quantity is detailed for each moulding.


Can you tell me how long the mouldings are ?

No, this is not possible. We can only grant that mouldings vary from 2,60 to 3 metres.
Mouldings normally are 3 metres long.


Can I order a precise quantity of mouldings ?

No, your order will be always adjusted and rounded off according to the packages. If the quantity ordered is small, the difference could be considerable. For example an order of 25 metres can be rounded off to 20 or 30 metres.


Do you sell mitred mouldings (cut at 45°) ?

Yes. We can supply mitred mouldings through the Chop Service.
The price is obtained by increasing the moulding lenght price by 80%. It is also possible to order ready joint mouldings.
Click here for further information on the Chop Service.


Do you have mouldings to sell off at reduced prices?

Yes. To find out these mouldings click on the “Discontinued - High discounts” box on the home page of the our web site www.rinaldin.com


Can you send samples ?

Mouldings samples can be sent but they are not free of charge. Corner samples (15 cm side lengths) cost the same as 40 cm of moulding while straight samples (7 cm) cost the same as 10 cm mouldings. More convenient samples are available as sets (see explanation in our catalogue and on the site).
For items different from mouldings we do not supply samples. Our catalogue includes more than 10.000 items and sending samples would not be financially feasible. In order to test the quality of our products we suggest to make small trial order.


May I receive the printed catalog ?

The 2019 catalog has just been printed. Regular customers of Rinaldin will receive it by March 10th.
If you are not yet a customer, you can request it by clicking here.

However, the 2019 catalog is already on the website www.rinaldin.com and you can read it by clicking here.


How can I look at the online catalog ?

The online catalog is available on this site in two versions: flipping catalog and fixed pages catalog. The flipping catalog is advisable for a quick browse. To move from one page to another just click the corner of the page. You can do searches by entering the text in the proper box. To open the flipping catalog click here.
The fixed-page catalog is a little longer to examin but allows you to directly place the order by clicking the item's code in the catalog itself. It also allows you to copy-paste the text. To open the catalog on fixed pages, click here.


Besides the English catalogue, do you have catalogues in other languages ?

Yes, we have catalogues in Italian, French, German and Croatian. For these languages you may browse the on-line catalogues on our website.


Do you have a showroom for machine and equipment demonstration ?

Our show room is on the internet.
In this site you will find a demonstration video for each machine and every equipment.
The videos are very clear. They show all the details of the machines and explain the operation.
We strongly urge you to look at them.


How much does it cost to start the business of framer ?

It is rather difficult to answer. In the "Framer Manual" (which can be viewed freely on this website) there is an article entitled  "Managing a shop" that deals specifically with this topic. If you want to go directly to the article click here


Do you have courses for beginners ?

Yes. The Rinaldin organizes courses for beginners of three days. We give basic knowledge to those who wish to start the activity.
The lessons take place in our seat in Udine (not in Verona). The number of students is limited to two to better follow the individual preparation.